Yeah well, not like those goals. But excualy real goals. Like life goals.
You guys have life goals right? Let me know down below what you want to accomplisch within a year or so :).

Im not sure if i want to make this a long term goals post or just for this year. Because that sounds a bit like new year resolutions. But what the heck, just gonna do this for the next year.

Number one.
I really want to make a good start at school, just keeping up with homework and getting good-ish grades. So you know im starting the study horsesector at the uni.
With this study i can become a teacher in the green sector, or if i want to, i can just work with horses. Just following my pasion guys!

Number two.
Keeping up with youtube. Just working on my video's. By improving them with myself but also with camera's, light and sound. I'm hoping i really will get fun out of it so that can and will invest in some better equipment. Like a good camera, some lights so that i can film whenever i want and i dont have to wait for certain weather. And also a mic so that my watchers dont have to put there sound on the max so they can hear me.

Number three.
Keeping up with you guys! My blog readers. I want to post interesting stuff and also a little bit of fashion stuff. Just some thing that i also like to make. Still have to find some things i want to write about. For youtube i have some thing written down. But the inspiration for this blog is not quite there yet.

Number four.
Getting what i want. This sounds a little bit weird. But i mean it like a way, eh well, it sounds like the way it is. I want to get that good camera and stuff for youtube. But i also want good stuff for my horses, like a new stable and the right equipment for riding and stuff. Dont forget to mention my school costs and my normal bills every month. A life of a kind off grown-up :(

Number five.
Just being happy. That is a really good goal and a bit underestimated. Because when are you really happy? I wanna be in a good place with my boyfriend, i want to be in a growth with my houseback riding. I also wanna grow with youtube, my blog and my social media. Actually i just want to have it all figured out.. :')

So what about you? Did this bring you some new ideas?
Let me know down here and maybe we can learn from each other!

Lots of love,

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